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In many instances, patients will have a story regarding how the acquired their hammer toes. Some describe ill fitting shoes as a child while others blame high heels or some trendy shoe craze. While these stories may seem credible, they typically have little to do with the onset of hammer toes. In most cases, hammer toes are caused by the biomechanical properties of your feet and ankles that you inherit from your family. Avoid wearing small or narrow shoes and wear boots for soft and size suitable for the foot. Sizes must be reviewed and children's shoes constantly, especially in the period of their development. Hammer toes, claw toes, and mallet toes are caused by the muscles controlling the toes getting out of place and causing the toes to change shape as well. The conditions can be caused by wearing shoes that don't allow the toes to stretch, is less commonly an inherited condition (tight tendons in the toes that cause them to curve), and can also be caused by conditions such as diabetes and arthritis. Hammertoe deformities can cause all types of problems with daily life. This deformity can cause pain and discomfort especially when wearing shoes. These conditions are troubling and are the most the most common deformity of the forefoot. If you are going to have toddlers at your party, then you may want to include a few easier games that allow them to win the game without a lot of frustration. For instance, a Duck Pond full of floating ducks will entice any toddler to step up and take their chances. All they have to do is pick the duck with a certain number on the bottom and they win! Aids alignment and eliminates the tendency to raise the toe at address causing a player to aim the putter to the left of the target. read moremallet toe pictures The 460 Mid Blade combines the original Tour blade and Pro Blade in what is now a heel-shafted cavity blade without a hosel. The 460 Mid Blade has a thinner anser style look while the extreme heel toe weighting provides excellent forgiveness. The classic square look of this putter makes it the perfect "entry level" model in RIFE's product lineup. Even at this lower price point, it still features RIFE's patented RollGroove Technology which promotes the truest no skid roll in golf. Despite its affordable price there are still several players using this model on Tour. A dropped shoulder, also known as a shoulder separation, is a type of injury which occurs where there is a disconnection located at the acromioclavicular joint (located where the shoulder meets the collarbone). This can be triggered due to direct impact on the joint, causing the shoulder to "drop" slightly downward. While a mild version of this injury can be treated with nothing more than rest and ice, more severe (complete tears) necessitate surgery. Rehabilitation for this condition involves the use of basic drills to restore range of motion and prevent the buildup of scar tissue. Hammertoe, claw toe, and mallet toe each cause a characteristic toe shape, as each condition affects different joints. Generally, these deformities appear in the four smaller toes, not the big toe. Hammertoe causes the middle joint of the longest of the four toes to bend, giving the toe a hammer-like appearance. Mallet toe also often deforms the longest toe, but causes the joint nearest to the tip of the toe to bend into a mallet shape. In all three conditions, the patient may experience pain and difficulty straightening the toe(s). Sores, corns and calluses may also be present, as a result of friction on the inside of ill-fitting footwear. Treatment Next, think of your foot like a five digit basket ball team with one player, (Toeny) unable to play because of an injury. Over the course of a lifetime, playing a five toe game with a 4 toe team isn’t going to go end well. The four toes are over worked trying to do an impossible job, accomplishing what 5 guys were designed to do. The game breaks down quickly. Just one toe not functioning (for up to decades) is a major compounding factor in weakness and decline of the entire musculo-skelatel system’s capabilities and safety. “For want of a nail the kingdom was lost” ( google it ).